51359 – Recoil Starter Honda 28400-ZE3-W01ZA


Recoil Starter Assembly (Red) Metal Dogs & Cup
Honda 28400-ZE3-W01ZA/28400-ZE3-W01ZP/28400-ZE3-W02ZP
Honda code 3713302/7329626

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Recoil Starter Assembly (Red)  Metal  Dogs & Cup
Honda 28400-ZE3-W01ZA, 28400-ZE3-W01ZB, 28400-ZE3-W01ZP, 28400-ZE3-W02ZB, 28400-ZE3-W02ZP
· Fits models GX340, GX390, GX610 and GX620;
· For 11, 13, 18 and 20 HP engines
Starter Assembly (Brand)

Starter Assembly (Cycle)