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About Us

Who We Are

Buddy Equipment is a construction equipment and diamond products distributor that has served Canada for over 10 years. We are a privately owned company that has been established in 2004. We aim to provide quality equipments and tools with the best service for all our clients at the lowest cost.


Our Mission Statement 

Our mission is to serve as the leading construction equipment and diamond products service distributor to Canada. We take pride in our innovative spirit, our commitment to quality, exceptional products and our relationships with the customers we serve. We are constantly developing new products for our customers and updating our year to year catalog. At Buddy’s Equipment, we take strong initiative to maintain a strong relationship. We are always on the road.


Customer Service

Our past and future success will always rest on our ability to meet our wholesale customer’s needs in an efficient, competitive and profitable manner. We value our team members, our adaptive capacity and the integrity with which we conduct our business. Our dedication to our clients has been a priority since day one and will continue to be.